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The cleaner eating out in Fortitude Valley

NRE Cleaning services Brisbane | breakfast reuben in fortitude valley

This months food blog, of which I have titled The cleaner eating out in Fortitude Valley brings us to Tipplers Tap, on James Street in Fortitude Valley. Once again I have my trusty sidekick Dorothy, and today we will be visiting at breakfast time. The problem….This place has some awesome beers on tap. From local…

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The happy office?

NRE Cleaning services Brisbane | plants and the happy office environment

The happy office environment What is the happy office environment? The average person will spend half or close to half their life at work, and for many, it is a happy experience. But for others, it leaves a lot to be desired. Studies have shown a happy worker will also tend to have lower absenteeism…

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More songs to help you clean

NRE Cleaning services Brisbane | music to clean by

Where to find your music 2 years ago, I wrote a blog about songs to help you clean. The list included a range of tunes that I found helped me chill out as I went around cleaning the offices of Brisbane town. Since then quite a lot has happened in the business and I found…

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The question I will not answer

NRE Cleaning services Brisbane | questions I will not answer

Examples of questions that should have had different answers Before I give my answer to what is the hourly rate for office cleaning. I’ll just give a few examples of questions that maybe should have had different answers. For instance, when someone was once asked how close he had been towards a certain intern they…

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