3 Bond cleaning tips for the ‘have-a-go’ bond clean

3 Bond cleaning tips for the ‘have-a-go’ bond clean

Have-a-go bond cleaning

I often get many people contacting us for a bond cleaning quote. And we are more than happy to provide these quotes. But when the price is shown for professional, guaranteed results clean the decision is made to ‘have-a-go’ on their own

Now, this is great if you want to do it yourself.  But be warned there are a few pitfalls that may trip you up. In our experience, there are a few areas that are often overlooked necessitating a call back from the real estate.

Firstly to make sure you get everything done download form 14A from the Residential Tenancies Authorities website.  By following this form you shouldn’t miss anything.

So here are three bond cleaning tips for those who want to have a go themselves.

Too many window runnersbond cleaning tips - window runners

Window runners seem to be the most overlooked area and most popular to fail an inspection.

Make sure you vacuum the runner out. The thin nozzle that you threw out when you first purchased the vacuum comes in handy. Do not overlook the corners. Use an implement (we use a screwdriver) to get into the corners and get those last stubborn bits out. When you are sure all the dust is out, wipe the runners with a damp cloth to give them the just like new look

Often overlooked grease

No not the awesome looking snack pack. But when bond cleaning the oven is normally a place where a lot of the cleaning time is spent. This is because to a good level of cleanliness the years of uncleaned grease and gunk needs removing.  Often though some spots are missed.  And these usually are the extractor and associated parts, and those hard to get corners on the racks and the oven door.

bond cleaning tips - too much greaseWith the extractor filters, I generally remove them, soak in a grease remover solution and then place in the dishwasher. While you do this you can do this and get on with the rest of the cleaning.

De-grease all around the extractor making sure not to miss the top area or the hidden bits inside the slider. Also, make sure the surfaces when finished are not sticky, a quick brush over with a finger will let you know the outcome. If it is sticky, start the process again.

To clean the racks, it is just a matter of elbow grease, maybe a knife to get off the bigger burnt on pieces and some scrubbing with soft wire wool and hot water brings them up fine

The oven doors need to be dismantled to get to the areas inside the glass, this can be fiddly to do, but once a part is very easy to clean with degreaser, and a scrubbing cloth, dried off and reassembled looking like new.

And when you have finished with the bond cleaning you can reward yourself with the aforementioned snack pack.

Scummy showers

Soap scum if left on causes all kind of issue. Our recommendation is to always wipe the shower down after each use. But if that has been missed on the 1000 or so showers you have taken while renting the property then some scrubbing is required.

Pay particular attention to the soap dishes, particularly underneath them where the little stalactites of soap form. The showerhead that discolours due to the impurities in the water. And the shower screens that start to cloud over easily. Our blog how to clean shower screens will give you the product we recommend and the one we have found to give the best results. Or just a simple use of toilet cleaner will clean the worst of showers.

The best bond cleaning tips

Hopefully, these bond cleaning tips have given you some tips and ideas of the things that we find are most overlooked when doing bond cleaning yourself.bond cleaning tips - relaxing

And of course, if this all seems too much and you would rather use your time for yourself rather than spending days scrubbing a house just give NRE a call


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