What is a bond clean?

Brisbane best bond clean

What is a bond clean, what does a bond clean include and why is it needed? These questions (along with how much does a bond clean cost???) are the most popular questions I get asked by clients looking to vacate a rental property. So after completing many successful bond clean, I will try and make…

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How to choose the best office cleaners

NRE Cleaning best office cleaning Brisbane

When it comes to office cleaning there is a whole array of different cleans on offer. Some people want their desks wiped, others don’t want their desks touched in case the paperwork is moved from its strict position. Some need the bins emptied, others don’t. Some offices want rubbish around the bins removed, while in…

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The Humble bin – your office bestie

NRE Cleaning services best office cleaning brisbane bin management

One of the most overlooked but necessary pieces of office equipment is the humble bin. Sitting quietly in the corner or hidden under your desk just waiting to be filled with the daily offerings, the bin doesn’t stand out as an important tool….. until! your apple has been eaten, or coffee cup drained and there…

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How to clean a children and dog-friendly office

How to clean a dog friendly office brisbane office cleaning

The late great Hollywood icon, WC Fields once said “never work with animals or children”. While he was talking sharing the silver screen, and I don’t agree with this as a general life rule, for an office cleaner there is something to be taken from it. In this blog I’ll point out some things to…

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Pizza and pasta – the dinner (and brekkie) of champions

Ciros Italian Auchenflower

It has been a while since NRE has delivered a food review, especially during lockdown when the eating out option was not readily available. Now things are lifting, I can once again sample the gastronomic delights that Brisbane has to offer – great for me and for you dear reader! This blog brings me to…

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Where to eat out in Brisbane?

where to eat out in Brisbane

Where is Dorothy? Well, it has been a while since I wrote one of my cleaners food blogs. Mainly due to not knowing where to eat out in Brisbane. Its not that is nothing on offer, the opposite is true. But where to eat out in Brisbane, is a great problem to have. But one…

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How do you communicate with your office cleaning supplier?

ways to communicate with your office cleaning supplier

How we used to communicate Many people when they first engage an office cleaning service have reservations. First and foremost, of these is how do you communicate with your office cleaning supplier? Will they turn up when they say they will? Will they perform the agreed tasks? Who are the people who are actually carrying…

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