How to choose an office cleaning company

NRE Cleaning services Brisbane | Storey bridge Brisbane

Where to find an office cleaning company How do I choose an office cleaning company? Or can you recommend a cleaner? Is a question I am often asked because, for many, it can be a daunting prospect engaging your first cleaner. You are handing over your office to a completely unknown person as they enter…

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When not office cleaning in Brisbane

NRE Cleaning services Brisbane | Best pizza in Brisbane?

Hot dogs and clogs When we are not office cleaning in Brisbane, we are out looking for the great eating places this awesome city has to offer. Alongside me once again is “Dorothy”, not on account of his ruby slippers, but his size 13 red clogs. These clogs are not to be clicked together to…

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How to avoid cross contamination in the office

NRE Cleaning services Brisbane

How clean is your phone?? Cross-contamination in the office is an area of discussion, especially when the coughs and colds start. These discussions centre around how can we avoid bacterias and germs from moving around the office. A recent study in the UK found has looked into how dirty are our smartphones? They found amazingly…

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Waste in the office

reducing waste in the office

Office wastage Once upon a time waste in the office was not thought about as something that needed to be controlled. Back in the day when polyester, double knit suits were fashionable, and Johnny Farnham was belting out “raindrops keep falling on my head”. Offices were a happy, smoked filled environment. And no thought was…

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The Cleaner – Eating out in Brisbane

I love eating out in Brisbane Eating out in Brisbane is my favourite pastime. So it was suggested I write about it. This blog has nothing to do with cleaning per se but is to do with cleaning plates. One thing I am good at, along with cleaning, is eating. The increasing number of holes…

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Office cleaning stories – funny and gross

dirty toilet bowl funny office cleaning stories

Funny office cleaning stories Being an office cleaner in Brisbane (whilst a beautiful city) may not be seen as the most glamorous job in the world. But very often it can be the source of great or gross stories Here are my top five interesting or funny moments (in no particle order) I have come…

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3 Bond cleaning tips for the ‘have-a-go’ bond clean

Have-a-go bond cleaning I often get many people contacting us for a bond cleaning quote. And we are more than happy to provide these quotes. But when the price is shown for professional, guaranteed results clean the decision is made to ‘have-a-go’ on their own Now, this is great if you want to do it…

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Small business problems – loneliness

Problems running a small business So, you want to free yourself from ‘The Man’ and go out on your own. You have that great idea, everyone is going to jump on board. This time next year you’ll be a millionaire (a la Del Boy C1981-91). But there are problems with running a small business The…

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