Cleaning tips

Reducing office sickness

NRE Cleaning services Brisbane

Reducing sickness in the office is often required at this time of year. The cold weather arrives, and the dreaded lurgies (any undetermined illness -Collins English Dictionary) hit. As we carry out our office cleaning in Brisbane, many of the offices we clean start to experience staffing issues because of illnesses. In a 2015 study…

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World Toilet Day – Handy toilet tips

NRE Cleaning services Brisbane | keeping the office toilet clean

World toilet day 2018 Very often when I tell people about world toilet day they turn their noses up. Not many people are interested in toilets, but many people do not have toilets. Not having a toilet leads to a serious issue. It means human waste is not captured and treated properly, leading to contamination…

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The smelly office toilet

NRE Cleaning services Brisbane | the things you when the toilet cleaning

The problem You can have the happiest office in the world, but if you have the dreaded smelly office toilet, all that happiness can be lost. We find that without a regular commercial cleaning service, the employees are tasked with cleaning the office. Tasks such as emptying bins, cleaning the kitchen and the dreaded task…

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So you want a bond clean?

Do it your self bond clean You are moving from your rental home and you want your bond back, so a bond clean is required Now to achieve this you need to satisfy the real estate that you have left the house to the standard that they require on their exit condition report. Your time…

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An alternative to wet carpets when carpet cleaning

Carpet cleaning – whats the alternative to steam cleaning? Dry Fusion This is a best of both worlds carpet cleaning system. A low moisture cleaning system that also dry’s the carpets as you go. It combines the benefits of the hot steam system with the low temperature agitation system 3 stage process The systems basic…

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School Cleaning: More then just a tidy tray

At the end of the day, students are asked to put their chairs atop of their desk, it’s a daily task that provokes little afterthought. Most know that the act is a gesture to make their cleaners life easier, but that’s the start and end of the thought process. So what actually happens after hours…

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Five Forgotten Spots to Clean in Your Office

In the last few year’s employers have started placing more and more emphasis on their office environments. The use of space, lighting and tidiness have all proven to impact worker productivity, overall wellbeing and ultimately the business’ bottom line. However, what about the direct health impacts? Is your commercial cleaner’s efficacy impacting your employee’s health?…

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