small business

Family cleaning business

NRE Cleaning services Brisbane

What is NRE? When out and about or attending networking events, people ask me, who or what is NRE Cleaning Services. Is it a franchise, or a large business or a family business? Part of that question is easy to answer, and part a little more complicated. First the easy part NRE Cleaning Services is…

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The question I will not answer

NRE Cleaning services Brisbane | questions I will not answer

Examples of questions that should have had different answers Before I give my answer to what is the hourly rate for office cleaning. I’ll just give a few examples of questions that maybe should have had different answers. For instance, when someone was once asked how close he had been towards a certain intern they…

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Problems running a small business

Loneliness in a small business So, you want to free yourself from ‘The Man’ and go out on your own. You have that great idea, everyone is going to jump on board and this time next year you’ll be a millionaire (a la Del Boy C1981-91), but there are problems to running a small business…

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