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Where it all began…

  • In 2015, Rod Abbott took the plunge and fulfilled a long-standing ambition of establishing his own commercial office cleaning company, NRE Cleaning Services.
  • Rod noticed that many people were unsatisfied with their cleaning companies and saw what was needed to operate a successful office cleaning operation – that left customers happy! This, along with skills learnt in the corporate world, Rod felt he could offer customers a top quality cleaning service they so richly deserved.
  • So with a name coming from his children’s initials, and starting from scratch NRE Cleaning Services was formed. The desire to deliver a level of service that exceeds expectations in both quality and delivery was the driving force from the beginning, and continues to be at the forefront of all NRE Cleaning Services activities.
  • The journey continues to seek improvement in all aspects of service, whether training of both staff and owners of the business, modifying techniques to keep ahead of the game or using the latest technologies to track and monitor cleaning duties Rod’s passion continues to drive NRE Cleaning services to be a cleaning company of choice.


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