How to choose an office cleaning company

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How to choose an office cleaning company

Where to find an office cleaning company

How do I choose an office cleaning company? Or can you recommend a cleaner? Is a question I am often asked because, for many, it can be a daunting prospect engaging your first cleaner.

You are handing over your office to a completely unknown person as they enter and leave unsupervised.

Hopefully, they will carry out the tasks that you have contracted them to do. But questions such as will they turn up on the times you have scheduled. Or will they even turn up at all?

These are some of the pain points that we have come across as we meet those who are looking for office cleaning.

How to find a good cleaning company?

Using Google is one of the easiest ways of searching for anything. I have even used it to find subjects for the blogs I write, I know, and you thought I just thought them up.

So we get on Google and you look up ‘office cleaning Brisbane’, (if that’s where you are, if you’re in New York, I’d probably look up an office cleaning New York). After typing in your search criteria, you’re hit with a load of suggestions.  You’ll get a list of companies all willing to offer you the best service on this planet. Well, no one says they offer a rubbish service anyway.

But who to choose? My suggestion is not the one who has paid the most money to be at the top of the first page, nor the one with the flashiest website. I would suggest you ignore most of them and go and speak to the people around you.

Ask your receptionist about the company that they mentioned a few weeks ago. Or the one you heard about at that networking function. Or even the cleaning company your friends mentioned down the pub. Second thoughts advice from the pub is not always the best, but the first couple of suggestions I would follow. If your friends or colleagues are willing to recommend someone to you then I reckon this is the best way to go.

Now you have reached the stage that you have several cleaners who are willing to give you a free quote (the best type of quotes). So here are a few questions to ask

When will the work be carried out?

how to choose an office cleaning company

office cleaning

Most work, unless specified will be carried out, ‘out of hours’.

This will mean after you have vacated the office on an evening and before you get back in the morning.

Yes, the work can be carried out during the day, but especially for the smaller offices, the disruption is avoided by doing it in the evening.

You will, of course, have to provide keys and alarm codes, and I would suggest that these are signed for when you release them to the cleaning company. Maybe even a small contract listing who has the keys, and what will happen if they are lost or the contract finished etc, would be a good route to go down

How do you know what is going on while you are not there?

Accountably in the cleaning industry is something that in the old days was very much looked upon with a cavalier attitude.

Nowadays this attitude is not tolerated.

Originally to maintain accountability and communication a small book was left that the cleaner would sign in and out on. They would list any issues and the book would be used to communicate to the cleaners any extra jobs that may need doing.

Today we do everything on a smartphone and the client can look and communicate to the cleaners in real-time. The system we use is FreshOps and we can even upload pictures and videos of what we are doing. The cleaner’s swipe on and off the job, list what they have carried out and record anything that may be of interest about the job to the supervisor and client

You the client can look at the times we arrived and left, see the report of what is carried out, and leave any comments pertinent to the cleaning tasks at hand.

Use of eco-friendly chemicals

What type of chemicals that are used are also of importance to many clients.

We have had situations whereby certain chemicals or smells can cause severe medical reactions to people. It is a good idea to ask your cleaning supplier what they use.

If someone says they are chemical-free, then I would be a little wary. There is no such thing as chemical-free, because the removal of bacteria’s, or stains etc, requires a chemical reaction to take place. So, a chemical must be used, but ensure it is as eco-friendly as possible. Gone are the days when a drain is half-filled with bleach to remove a stain or smell.

Things such as steam cleaning can be used to sanitise toilets. Laundered colour-coded microfibre cloths help prevent cross-contamination. Eco-friendly spray and wipes all help to keep a lid on the chemical contamination in the workplace

So how to choose an office cleaning company

I hope these few tips give you some ideas on how to choose an office cleaning company. And what to look out for or ask about, next time you are looking for an office cleaner.

Remember asking your friends and colleagues for the referral. Information from those you know will normally get you the service that you are looking for.

And if there is anything we can help you with further, don’t hesitate to call Rod on 1300 95 95 97 or email


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