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Cleaning that maximises your bond refund

You don’t want to risk your bond, so let us help. We’ll clean your rental property to the highest possible standards to help you get every cent of your bond back.

Whether it’s a full bond clean of the property and carpets or just a deep clean of a few areas, we’ll tailor our bond and exit cleaning to suit you.

With bond and exit cleans starting at $175 for apartments and $260 for houses, or for $45 per hour for general duties, our rental cleaning affordably helps you maximise your bond refund.

NRE Cleaning services Brisbane


Fill in our form and you'll have a quote straight away and your bond back before you can say 'Best Bond Clean'


Issue-free bond and exit cleaning. Guaranteed.

When it comes to bond refunds, mistakes can be costly. So if we ever make one, we’ll come  back and fix it. For free. Guaranteed.

Our full bond clean includes:


  • Ceiling fans: cleaned
  • Air conditioning vents: cleaned
  • Power points, light fittings and switches: dusted and wiped
  • Internal cobwebs: removed
  • Carpets: vacuumed
  • Skirting boards, cornices and balustrades: dusted and wiped
  • Timber, tile and vinyl floors: swept and mopped
  • Doors (including tops): cleaned
  • Marks on walls: cleaned
  • Window sills and tracks: cleaned

Kitchen and Laundry

  • Cupboards (inside, outside and top): cleaned
  • Drawers, shelves and doors (including tops): cleaned
  • Window sills and tracks: cleaned
  • Dishwasher (inside and out): cleaned
  • Bench tops: cleaned and stains removed
  • Splashbacks: wiped
  • Sinks and taps: cleaned
  • Oven door and interior (including racks): degreased and cleaned
  • Exhaust fan: cleaned
  • Stove: cleaned
  • Range hood and filter: degreased and cleaned
  • Wash tub: cleaned
  • Washing machine and dryer: wiped and vacuumed inside and out


  • Wardrobe doors, tracks and shelves: cleaned
  • Mirrors: cleaned and polished
  • Window sills and tracks: cleaned


  • Mirrors: cleaned and polished
  • Bath: cleaned and rinsed
  • Basin and vanity: scrubbed
  • Toilets (including base and behind): scrubbed and disinfected
  • Window sills and tracks: cleaned
  • Shower recess, fittings and glass: cleaned and scrubbed
  • Tiles and fittings: cleaned


  • Porches and steps: swept
  • Garage: swept and cobwebs removed
  • Window panes (single storey only): washed inside and out

Cleaning up after a build or renovation?

Just constructed a new building or carried out renovations? The job won’t really be finished until the place is clean.

NRE has the experience to perform a deep clean of your new building to quickly let you move straight in.

With prices starting as low as $2.35per/m2, we can carry out cleans that include:

  • All inclusions, fixtures, fittings and appliances: detailed
  • Windows: washed and squeegeed, streak-free
  • Window tracks and frames: detailed inside and out
  • Chrome: polished
  • Floor tiles and grout: mopped and streak-free
  • Carpets: vacuumed
  • Internal dust: removed (up to 95% dust-free)
  • Mirrors and glass screens: cleaned and streak-free
  • Cupboards, shelving and drawers: dusted and detailed
  • Skirting and silicone: detailed
  • Doors, handles and arcs: detailed
  • Bathrooms, kitchen, laundry, powder rooms: detailed
  • Excessive paint / markings / silicone etc: removed
  • Windows, tracks and screens: serviced and cleaned

Carpet Cleaning

Get your carpets and tiles deeply cleaned

Nothing beats the feeling of clean carpet under your feet. With our Dry Fusion system, NRE delivers a ‘best of both worlds’ carpet cleaning system that gets carpets incredibly clean.

Only the Dry Fusion carpet cleaning system will hot clean, deodorise, stain-protect and dry any type of carpet all in one single process. With Dry Fusion, your carpets are clean and ready for traffic in only 30 minutes. No waiting hours for your carpets to dry!

We can also carryout steam cleaning of carpets, and with the same system remove water from flooded carpets or even pressure wash tiles inside the house. Call us for more details



NRE Cleaning services Brisbane
NRE Cleaning services Brisbane Office Cleaning | bond and exit cleaning brisbane

We'll return free of charge to fix up any issues that arise from our cleaning.