So you want your bond back?

you want to get your bond back

So you want your bond back?

You want your rental bond back?

So you are moving from your rental home and you want your bond back. this means a bond clean is required.

Now to achieve this you need to satisfy the real estate that you have left the house to the standard that matches their entry condition report.

Your time is precious to you. The last thing you want to be doing on a day off is scrubbing an oven, cleaning soap scum off a shower screen or even cleaning all the bugs out of your light fittings.

To give you some idea of the cleaning involved, an average 3 bed, 1.5 bathroom house would take over 12 hours to clean. That is provided the oven was cleaned after every spill of cheese from your pizzas.  Or the shower was wiped down after every shower.

If this is not the case the clean could go well over 20 hours….and remember not to miss those window tracks

So you take the initiative and call on the professionals to come and carry out these tasks for you. But as the Ray Parker Jnr once said “who you gonna call”

you want your bond back - clean the oven

Remember to clean the oven door

Approved by the real estate

You will probably get a list of approved, cleaners/maintenance people from your real estate and this is a great first port of call.

One advantage of using these approved people is that they have a great relationship with the real estate. They will carry out the clean to the exact standards that the real estate requires. Also, if there are any issues, the real estate will quickly sort these out with the cleaners. This will be instead of calling you back. Working alongside the real estate they are great at getting your bond back with as little hassle as possible

Find your own cleaner

By looking at many of the social media outlets or advertising pages there are a huge number of cleaners, many offering very low priced cleans. And they all say they will get your bond back.

And very often this may seem a good option, but beware, cheaper does not always mean better.

Look for reviews about the company you are going to use if there are no reviews or very low rated ones I would avoid them.

Cleaners should also supply you with a list of tasks that are carried out as standard for the clean. Make sure you see this and agree on it. A good example is the Exit Condition Report from the RTA. This is the form the real estate uses to evaluate your house upon exit.

Agree on the price and what will be carried out before they start work. You don’t want added extras for things that you thought were ‘on the list’.

Ensure that they guarantee their work, there is nothing worse than paying for the clean only to find it is not up to standard. And not being able to get hold of the company to the cleaners back to fix up.

Last bit of advice

you want your bond clean back - clean kitchen

Clean kitchen

In another blog, I gave three tips on things that you need to keep an eye on when bond cleaning.

But the best advice I could give is, keep the house clean while you are living in it. This will greatly reduce the amount of work when you decide to move on.

A quick vacuum each week. Cleaning out the window runners every so often, wiping the shower down. Catch the drips in the oven, use foil to cover trays are all ways of reducing the work required to get to exit standards.

And of course, if you need professional help NRE are always happy to help with advice, bond cleaning, carpet cleaning, pest control etc. Give us a call on 1300 95 95 97 or email


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