What is a bond clean?

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What is a bond clean?

What is a bond clean, what does a bond clean include and why is it needed?

These questions (along with how much does a bond clean cost???) are the most popular questions I get asked by clients looking to vacate a rental property.

So after completing many successful bond clean, I will try and make the problematic subject of bond cleaning a bit clearer for everyone.

Why is a bond clean needed?

Probably the easiest question to answer. On entry to a property an RTA Form 1A/B is completed and signed. This form records the condition of the property. On exit your rental is inspected and this form is compared to the RTA form 14a/b to determine if the property is in the same condition (apart from fair wear and tear) as it was at the start of your tenancy.

This is why it is very important on entry to make sure you agree with the agent’s entry report as it is very hard to dispute on exit – a year later, or more in many cases.

If the property was clean, according to the entry report, it must be cleaned to the same standard on exit. This will mean that some kind of clean is required – preferably a professional bond clean.

What is a bond clean?

The bond clean, often called exit clean,  can affect the return of your bond (hence the name).
The clean is based on the requirements of the RTA 14a/b form. The RTA’s website gives handy hints for the required cleaning.
This list is not exhaustive though and different agents may have different requirements or standards. Making sure your exit form and cleaning standards matches with the entry report is the best way to ensure a trouble-free exit.

What does a bond clean include?

A deep clean of the property is carried out. This consists of dusting, vacuuming, wiping and a lot of scrubbing and elbow grease.
After completing many bond cleans we have found the easiest way to make sure every item is covered is to follow the RTA’s cleaning guidelines. This will mean everything of importance is covered and is a great reminder of things that you can often overlook.
Again this form does not give the standard of clean, but most professional cleaners will know the areas to look out for. Window-runners, dirty shower screens, hidden grease in range hoods and marks on the walls are areas that the do it yourself cleaner often overlooks and can cause the painful callback or loss of some of your bond. Using the real estate’s approved cleaner will negate these issues, but any professional cleaner should be OK and offer free callbacks if required.

And, finally

How much does it cost?

The cost of cleans can greatly vary, and cheapest is often not the best. A professional cleaning company will guarantee their work and fix up any issues. They’ll be clear and transparent on their process and not add to the quoted price when they turn up to the job and see what is in store.
NRE Cleaning are open on our prices and offer a quote and booking process on our website. With methods of payment from credit cards and ZipPay to help spread the load.

We recommend signing up to Protect Your Bond to pay for your exit clean over a few months. It’s a great way to ease the cost of a professional bond clean and take the headache out of your house move, when there are already so many expenses you need to cover.