Where to eat out in Brisbane?

where to eat out in Brisbane

Where to eat out in Brisbane?

Where is Dorothy?

Well, it has been a while since I wrote one of my cleaners food blogs. Mainly due to not knowing where to eat out in Brisbane.

Its not that is nothing on offer, the opposite is true. But where to eat out in Brisbane, is a great problem to have.

But one of my main problems is the fact that Dorothy has now deserted me after the birth of his beautiful daughter. I said it that children change your life, he said it wouldn’t. But hey here I am eating one my own again!!!
So I looked for someone else and found a willing partner in my wife of 22years. I told her we were going to an upmarket eatery, so imagine her surprise as we drive into the car park of a place that remarkable rhymes with Paco Tell.

Mexican fast food

We entered a rather busy place, “it must be good then” I told my dining companion. After a short wait, we arrived at the counter to greeted by a highly energetic and enthusiastic Sam. He told me there was no table service, we had to choose our seats and order and pay here at the counter.

Well, what a choice, beautifully displayed on the overhead boards. I was spoilt for choice but settled on a Cantina power bowl. Which I daringly went with spicy pork. I accompanied this with a soft drink. Which when I arrived at the dispenser I was overcome with the different varieties, but plumped for a fruity lime flavoured vintage.
We found a nice spot, squeezed in-between two young friends enjoying their Instagram feeds more than the company. And an employee taking two tables undertaking staff training.
Quickly our buzzer shocked us back from our beautiful reverie, and we collect the food.

Mix it uplooking for places where to eat out in Brisbane

What a delight it was, maybe not the spiciest I have eating, and to be honest the presentation is a little lacking. But the quantity is very good, and the accompanying fries are some of the better ones I’ve tasted.
I have found if you mix it all up you get the flavours distributed better. Maybe not the best looking, but better tasting. The good, there was a good amount of meat, the beans are great tasting. The bad, the guacamole may or may not have seen an avocado (I couldn’t tell), the rice seems just there to pad the meal out as it has the flavour and texture of cardboard.
But overall not too bad for the price.
After my second refill of soft drink, I must confess I had to change to water. Well, I was driving, and the drink is pretty strong for its year!!!


With the ‘power bowl’ finished I felt the need for desert and churros is the only way to go. I must say, that for $3, don’t expect much.
Now I love churros, slightly crispy on the outside and lovely and soft on the inside. But these, which were only as long as my finger, where crispy/hard on the outside, and the dough had vanished from the inside. So it was a churro chip essentially, with a hollow middle. Although that did allow me to fill it with warm chocolate, maybe that is the idea??
My better half had a Chocodilla, which is essentially a tortilla filled with chocolate, now that was good. So much so that I finished my churros and went and got one. Which I was washed down with ice water.


All joking aside. If you’re looking for a good place where to eat out in Brisbane, Taco Bell is a place to go for decent quality and good sized portions of food. The serving staff are very friendly and helpful. The refillable drinks idea is great, and the price is excellent. Two meals, drinks and desserts came to less than $40.
So, Dorothy, you missed out but my new eating buddy is so much better looking.


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